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I've joined the rank & file of a legit blogging network & will now furiously work on the seemingly impossible task of maintaining & updating multiple blogs weekly!  But it looks like it's a fun community & it's always nice to expand my every *hopefully* growing network!

The Writer's Network
My new side gig, freelance writing for The Writer's Network.  I have a few great recipes thrown in, in case you want more Iizuka in your daily life! 

I'm slowly building up my little resume of published articles, but there are actually some really fun little things thrown in there.

Cupcakes Take The Cake: Baker of the Week
Time to meet another cupcake baker of the week! Nicole Iizuka joins us with creative cupcake concoctions for human and feline friends, a story about a stealthy bacon thief, and a recipe for her signature Peach and Basil cupcakes with a Balsamic reduction. She might not be holding a cupcake in her hands, but she's rightly decked out in baking attire (now all we need is a cupcake chef toke).

Pretty Little Mistakes
Author's note: This blog came out two weeks BEFORE the book was in stores! What a nice blog to break your blogging-cherry with! Thank You Nicole! I went and checked out the site and it is hysterical. Among hot trends and funny musings, the girl has a killer recipe for BACON CINNAMON ROLLS. Check it out!

Venuetastic: Meet Nicole!
Nicole doesn’t exactly have a day job — she has about six. Depending on the day (or time of day!), Nicole may be the Experience Coordinator with Living Social, Shopper for Hell’s Kitchen, Culinary Coordinator for Master Chef, Expert Scout for CitySearch, Food Stylist at PopSugar and of course the Community Manager for Venuetastic! Being at the nexus of the food, entertainment and activity industries makes Nicole a natural at her role as Community Manager here at Venuetastic. When she isn’t working on Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, she is leveraging her expertise in food, film and California venues to bring the best spots to Venuetastic users. One of her current favorites is Eveleigh “right next to the famed Sunset Strip” which she calls an “incredible retreat of a restaurant that allows patrons to escape the trappings of Hollywood and enjoy a serene meal in a private garden setting built straight from a rustic country townhouse.”
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