Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8 Sinful Sips from LA Times THE TASTE

In a continuation of my LA Times Food & Wine present The Taste coverage (10 Best Bites from The Taste), I also did a little rundown of my favorite alcoholic libations that graced the decked out tables all weekend.

Now I know you're wondering... 8?  But you did 10 Bites (and are going to do 10 Chefs), so why only 8 cocktails?  Because.  I'm clearly a lush who didn't remember to take pictures / write down the rest of the tasty drinks made by Joel Black which would have rounded out my top 10.  So instead, I'll just give you his picture to enjoy!!

and now onto the countdown...

#1 - Death's Door
gin || coconut water || lime
easily my favorite drink from the entire weekend.  the gin was very smooth & the mixture was perfectly refreshing.

#2 - Chase Elderflower Liquor
i am a huge fan of the elderflower & i really enjoyed the nice fragrant notes to this liquor.  i only wish they hadn't paired it with a tequila, sort of lost it for me.

#3 - Katana Sake
wow was this sake good!  really smooth with a nice light fruit finish.

#4 - Cafe Del Ray
white hot peach sangria
this was the perfect compliment to the sunny beverly hills afternoon, light & refreshing!

#5 - Cana Rum Bar
garden snake
Don Q Añejo, fresh citrus, backyard tomato syrup, Amaro Montenegro, Maldon Smoked Salt

#6 - Elixir Floral Infusions w/ Mionette Prosecco
antillean hibiscus || english lavender
while not exactly alcoholic, these enhancers were added to a light prosecco and not only added a beautiful color to the bubbly, but a nice sophisticated flavor as well.  i'd certainly pour the english lavender into any of my drinks!

#7 - Desiree Chocolate Wine
still one of my favorites, this rich dark chocolate port makes you understand what a chocolate wine really should taste like.  pure heaven.

#8 - Gosling Rum
Dark and stormy
and finally, the dark & stormy.  always a delightful cocktail i was happy to see them at several events!

so what were your favorite cocktails?  leave your responses below!! 


  1. Talk about how in love I am with this place. When I first walked in, it just looked like a busy, cool bar with brick wall interior and then, I saw dancing videos being played on that wall. How dope!


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