Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cloak & Dinner: Rags to Riches || 8/13/11

Having recently moved offices (like the big move... building to building) I totally forgot to do my little write-up / photo log of our latest & greatest. So here it is, Cloak & Dinner: Rags to Riches!
It doesn't take a Swiss bank account and a majority share of Microsoft to appreciate a tasty meal, and you'd be remiss to find a foie gras eating, souffle spooning, champagne sipping trillionaire who doesn't long for the simple days of Slim Jims, Twinkies, and Kool-Aid. Be it in dorm or double-wide, school lunch or stadium, we've all come to adore the bounty of salt, sugar, and cellophane that is America's vast extra value menu. Tonight, we've raised the bar on low-brow, bleached the blue collar, and taken classless cuisine to culinary school. Savor the sweet taste of success as some of our favorite down-and-out delicacies finally get a piece of the pie.
This was perhaps our most successful dinner yet... everything running smoothly and (for the most part) on time, thanks to the newest addition to the happy little family, our Captain Matt Portman!  It's always nice to have helpful friends & extra hands :-).  C&D will be taking a mini-break, Labor Day - Vacay whatnot, but follow us on twiter @cloakanddinner to get the scoop on our next invite expected mid-late September!

Also, if you'd like to be added to the mailing list for future C&D dinners, please email

the table is set, the day is gorgeous, we're ready to go!

bread & water || stuffed baguette & cucumber acqua frizzante
this came out quite beautifully, a delicately stuffed baguette with a decadent array of Mediterranean goodies, chilled & then sliced into edible bites. 

~ shiny moon ~
hudson new york corn whiskey, apple cider, lemon, fee brothers orange bitters

fish sticks || sesame encrusted ahi tuna with mango wasabi tartar saucego figure, i scour all the asian markets and find nothing suitable, but lo & behold the awesome pavillions on santa monica had the freshest ahi.

p&bj || truffle mousse pate & blackberry jam
a little polarizing, this is definitely a dish for those who enjoy a heavy helping of pate.  i for one definitely enjoyed the balance of meat & sweet.

~ livin’ the high life ~
domaine de canton ginger liqueur, miller high life, lemon

chef Boyardee || smoked salmon lasagna
this came out freaking amazing.  and we put it in a bed of spicy dill mustard sauce & topped with goat cheese & heirloom tomatoes.  

~ lemonade stand ~
gin, cucumber, lemon, simple syrup.  mason jar.
danger dogs || bacon wrapped bison with onions, garlic aioli & curry ketchup
no words can describe.  the lean bison paired with the fatty bacon did wonders to the palate & who doesn't love a nice splattering of garlic anything?

fla-vor-ice || lemon mint granita
let's just call it what it is.  pennsylvania water-ice.  pronounced watah. a super fragrant lemon mint granita on top of a creamy mint soft serve.

~ homemade horchata ~
horchata, rum. made from scratch.

gruel || arroz con leche
topped with what else, disco dust!  who doesn't love eating gold?

cinnabon || duck confit brioche rolls
and finally, the surprise guest of the evening... a take home cinnabon for those midnight munchies.

you can read all about it here:


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