Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foodbuzz 24 x 24: Cloak & Dinner || A Day in the Life

Dear Foodbuzz 24 x 24 Challenge ~

Recently I've started an underground supper club with a few friends in which we design to push the boundaries of cuisine & cocktails in an intimate dinner party setting.  I've roped in my good friend Sean Brogan to help with the cooking (and the witty invites) and my wonderful boyfriend Isaac Zucca, a self taught mixologist to design our drink menu.  Together we warp expectations & redefine what one can expect from 3 amateur foodies.

For July, our challenge was this: design a menu which crams twenty-four hours of human sustenance into one hearty dining experience, featuring food and drink from dawn til dusk (and then some.)   So, come join us for a night of bastardizing temporal conventions as we aim to prove that good food doesn't own a watch.

Cake & Heels
 "Air Toast" filled with Butter & Jam
to make air bread, we rolled out pizza dough until it was incredibly thin & then baked it on high so it puffed up into adorable little pockets of joy.  i added a few smiling strawberry toasts with little chocolate eyes for a flare of fun.

Morning Glory Fizz
 designed to look like a fried egg, this delicate cocktail is refreshingly light, but packs a nice punch with a heavy helping of scotch.

Second Breakfast
 Quail Eggs Royale w/ Caviar
homemade mini english muffins topped with a bit o lox, poached quail eggs, hollandaise and a spoonful of caviar for a nice salty finish.

Spicy Mule
 made with a ginger & chili simple syrup and a touch of ground black pepper on top.

 Grilled Avocado Boats stuffed with Buffalo Chicken
when pondering how to make best use of our barely functioning kitchen with no oven & one burner, firing up the grill is the next best option.  with that as the inspiration, this dish ended up being a slice of genius, the spicy buffalo sauce cooled off by a heavy handful of blue cheese and a creamy melted avocado to finish the flavor.

Mr. Brogan clearing a few empty dishes. 

 Jicama Chips with Strawberry & Jalapeno Salsa
diced farmers market strawberries tossed with a nice dice of jalapeno, garlic & red onion, the flavors all mixed quite nicely, and we got a chance to use our new mandoline on perhaps one of the largest jicama's we've ever seen.

Barkeep Mr. Zucca serving up cocktails

Vesper Martini
 shaken not stirred

Inspiring Mr. Brogan to slice the steak cutely.

 Steak Dinner w/ a Taster of Exotic Salts
espresso, garlic, applewood smoked & ghost pepper salts to accompany a nice steak, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.

Sangria Flora
 light & fruity, a nice little transition into the succulently sweet...

Midnight Munchies!
 Compost Cookies, Smores, Chocolate Covered Banana Pops & Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
all of my favorite midnight munchies piled high on a plate! 

Cloak & Dinner || A Day in the Life
Thank you Foodbuzz 24x24!


  1. What a fabulous menu! Wish I was a member of your supper club =)

  2. if you're in LA you can sign up!

  3. Exotic salts have a unique taste that adds flavor to the steak.


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