Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stefan's LA Farm $13 Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Stefan Richter of Top Chef fame... it's been 13 years since you've graced our culinary landscape with your delicious food.

Yesterday and Today, Stefan's at LA Farm will feature a three-course dinner for just $13.  What?  $13?  Yep.  One dollar for each year he's been around.  Having gone last night here's a little review of the menu for any of you lucky enough to score a rezzy for this evening.

The menu starts off with a Spicy Tuna Tartar with micro cilantro and tasty papadams to scoop up the fish.  Next is a rich white truffle and asparagus soup, which is just, simply amazing.  That was by far the best thing of the night.  Easily could have paid $13 for a bowl of the soup alone.  Finally Stefan ends the meal with a homemade German Sausage on top of a mound of mash, sauerkraut and a light beer sauce. 

In addition to the dinner, there are a number of small bites and desserts to be ordered a la carte.  We tried the chilled cucumber soup which was served in a shot, a bowl of corn dogs with an excellent spicy mustard and a delicious and decadent bite of foie gras sprinkled with a rich and flavorful black salt.

So if you have a chance, go check it out tonight.  Otherwise pray that the white truffle and asparagus soup has a permanent place on his menu!

Stefan’s at LA Farm
3000 West Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 449-4000
*free validated parking


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