Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday Tasting @ Orris

Chef Hideo Yamashiro of Shiro in South Pasadena has brought his fresh sense of taste & style to the Westside with his unassuming and unpretentious Orris on Sawtelle.

Following the trend of small plates, Chef Yamashiro uses a wide variety of some of the best and freshest ingredients to showcase his take on world cuisine.  

His inspiration for the restro name is derived from...
Orris is the root of the iris plant, which in ancient times, when mixed with cinnamon and other spices, was believed to be a love potion. Consider Orris Restaurant to embrace the concept of sharing plates with the ones you love; food and wine is love.
I'm always a fan of any restaurant that encourages sampling and sharing... it's the best way to taste everything a place has to offer without filling up on one or two heavy dishes.  They also have a fantastic wine list!

To our surprise & delight when my friend LoveOnTheGo and I showed up, we realized we'd stumbled upon Tuesday Tasting, a selection of 5 of their seasonal plates for $25 with wine parings for an additional $10. Score!  It was a really great deal and a lovely sampling of dishes.  Although I've heard good things about the catfish & grilled romaine so I'll have to book a return visit...

from left to right
Burrata and Tomato Bruschetta with anchovy
melt in your mouth burrata paired with the salty anchovy and the sweet tomato worked really well together.
Ahi Sashimi with sweet onion soy sauce and avocado
 a little bit of hawaii in every bite, this reminded me a lot of poke.
Curry-infused Shrimp Tempura with Okinawa sea salt 
my second favorite dish of the night, the curry sauce was sublime and being a salt junkie i can appreciate any dish that requires you to dunk your food into a pile of salt before eating!

from left to right
Lamb Loin Carpaccio with arugula and manchego
a little bland, this was probably my least favorite out of the tasting.  i did make up for it by dipping the lettuce into the curry sauce from the previous dish!
Filet Mignon "skewer" with Roquefort butter
 OMG, I could easily place this dish on my death row last meal menu.  Unbelievable.
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Cappuccino Gelato

and because we wanted just a little something sweet, this decadent dessert put us right over the edge.

Plus if you decide to do the wine pairings... $10 for basically 2 huge glasses of wine?  YUM.  I say, go for it.

2006 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6230
(310) 268-2212

*Tip they have a lot behind the restaurant!


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