Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh hello Eveleigh, I'm so happy you're in my life!

Something pretty amazing is happening up on the Sunset Strip, and no I'm not talking about BLT's Birthday Celebration! (which, side note, if you don't already have your reservations, you're probably SOL for this fantastic deal... $3.03 cocktails + $33.03 22oz Rib Eyes.   sorry, i'll be posting nommy pictures of that meal at a later date)  Eveleigh, one of the newer eateries just next to Sunset Park, pulls the ambiance of a perfect rustic retreat from daily life.

When you walk into the idyllic courtyard with a bubbling fountain, all of your worries and woes slowly melt away.  Then you're faced with your first difficult decision, inside or outside.

Inside the gorgeous restaurant with animal heads, huge wooden tables, an exposed kitchen and a crackling fireplace, you're met with delicious aromas of freshly roasted meat, and the sights of perhaps one of the more beautiful bars in Los Angeles.  Outside on the covered patio, with sweeping views of Century City (I probably wouldn't have know that's where we were looking had the waiter not pointed it out) and large communal tables, it's the perfect place to recover from a heavy night of partying with a nice mimosa, a hot pot of coffee and a ton of fresh sunlight. 

I've heard that they serve a wonderful seasonal dinner, but at least for now, the sunny Sunday Brunch is the place for me. Plus they have a disclaimer on their menu... substitutions politely declined.  I thoroughly enjoy a chef who knows & understands his flavors well enough to make guests eat his food as is!  Deal with the deliciousness. 

spelt hot cakes (13)
maple whipped ricotta, bay leaf, nutmeg-male syrup
roasted portobello (11)
burratta, vincotto, thyme, sourdough toast

'bubble & squeak' (14)
corned beef, kale & potato hash, scotch egg

The Eveleigh
8752 West Sunset Boulevard (at North Sherbourne Drive)
West Hollywood, CA
(424) 239-1630


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