Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Night + Market Noms

I'd heard all about Night + Market from my friend Jarouge who was just dying to try on his trip out to LA.  Sadly the timing didn't work out for him, but I went and snapped a few photos of this delicious eatery up on Sunset (mostly to make him a little jealous & want to come back and visit!)

Night + Market is a relatively new concept space from chef Kris Yenbamroong, who attached this street food heaven to his already popular Tal├ęsai.  A very bright space which felt more akin to an art gallery than a restaurant, Chef Yenbamroong cooks up his take on some of his favorite dishes from his childhood memories.

Reader beware, this isn't a place to go if you're a little spice shy... my dad who doesn't deal well with the heat had a tough time with these dishes, even though we ordered them on the mild side! 

raw oysters
hama hama. washington. red onion, cilantro & lime vinaigrette
perhaps the best thing we ordered.  the waiter did a hard sell, but he was absolutely right when he said this was by far the best thing on the menu.

chinese sweet sausage
dressed with shallots, chile, lime and fish sauce
we ordered these hoping that the sweet would come through the spice for my dad.  the sausage adopted a nice sweet & slightly caramelized crunch when cooked, but the veggies added a very nice spicy heat to the dish.  my poor dad, hoping the cucumbers would cool him down... 

pork satay skewers
bathed in condensed milk.  grilled.
bathed in condensed milk?  genius.
gang hanglay | pork belly stew
fatty delicious belly and shoulder cuts, slowly simmered with palm sugar, pickled garlic and ginger
whenever i think of a good thai sauce, this is it.  perfectly flavored with very tender pieces of pork belly waiting to melt in your mouth!
beef grapow
chile, garlic, thai basil.  topped with a crispy fried egg
another super spicy dish!  i'm getting better at taking the heat, but i have to admit this one did push me over the edge a bit.
pad thai nai talad | noodles from the market
we do the traditional market version with bits of sweet radish, peanuts, tofu and dried shrimp
nothing super special here.  it was very good, but if you're going to save your carbs, i'd order the coconut rice instead.
Ice Cream Sandwich
enjoyed in ghettos throughout bangkok.  housemade coconut ice cream, sweet sticky rice, condensed & evaporated milk, toasted mung beans on a sweet roll
and finally dessert.  omfg this was good.  i can't even explain, you're just going to have to go try it for yourself. 

9041 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 275-9724


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