Wednesday, March 16, 2011

grumpy bear: the internet is my nemesis

me: so, isaac and i just named our first child.  you ready for it?
grumpy bear: umm.  there are so many things about that statement that i am not ready for.
me: zooey zucca!
grumpy bear: nope. pass.
me: aw, you would totally want to date a zooey zucca
grumpy bear: think about that statement and then rethink that decision
me: i meant in theory, not my actual hypothetical love child. it's an awesome name!
grumpy bear: yes. name your daughter something that a (let's say 27 year older) malcolm gray would want to date.
me: malcolm gray, maybe not.  but molcam gary would totally want to.
grumpy bear: f you. malcolm gray is an awesome name.
me: haha
grumpy bear: malcolm anderson gray. blam. makes people weak in the knees.  especially lolly.
me: i mean. this conversation is getting posted somewhere.
grumpy bear: the internet is my nemesis

edited for flow, but context still the same




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