Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blondie versus Brownie

I'm sorry.  I know this veers away from the normal foodie tone of this blog, but there is a serious debate going on right now that I'd love some feedback on from my readers...

So a little back-story.  My friend Boose, who in reality is very smart, but on occasion acts very ditzy, tried to convince me that Isaac is a Blondie.  Call me color-blind but I don't see it.   When I called in Punky for some back-up, she failed to see my point!  Help!  Please.  One of us is color-blind, and at this point, I'm not sure which of us it is! (Although I'm still leaning towards them, not me)

Conversation has been edited slightly for flow, none of the context has changed however...

iizuka: I've been telling everyone that you're colorblind.
Boose: What do you mean?
iizuka: Trying to convince me that Isaac is blonde.
Boose:  Isaac has blond coloring!
Punky: yes, niki. isaac does have blond coloring.
zucca: They are both CRAZY!
zucca: Maybe they don't know what brown hair looks like?
Punky: oh.  maybe isaac doesn't know he has blond coloring?
Punky: niki, you should let him know
zucca: lolwut
Punky: has isaac looked into a mirror recently?
zucca: it's brown, i just looked.
iizuka: I wish I could post this somewhere...
Punky: Isaac, would you rather just trust us that you have blond coloring, OR sell niki for a kit kat bar.


  1. Isaac shouldn't wear flip flops while sailing.

  2. oh. i totally should've said "brownie" not "kit kat bar"


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