Friday, February 4, 2011

Ticket Giveaway: Sugar Rush LA on February 10th!!!

Want to know the Top 5 Reasons to attend Sugar Rush LA??
  1. Bravo Top Chef’s CJ Jacobson & Top Chef Just Desserts Danielle Keene will be on hand to meet & greet and spill all the juicy gossip. (Well probably not the gossip, but at least some tips on how to be your own Top Chef at home…)
  2. It’s implied in the name. SUGAR RUSH OVERLOAD from a huge buffet of decadent desserts from some of LA’s hottest pastry chefs.
  3. Complimentary Wine Bar from Summerland Wines. Need I say more?
  4. South African Safari Trip! What? Yep… one of the many awesome prizes you can bid on at the silent auction.
  5. And finally, to support Spark Youth Program in its mission to combat the high school dropout crisis. (Makes you feel better about breaking your New Year’s Resolutions… at least it’s for charity!)
Standard Tickets are $60 a pop, you could splurge for the $100 VIP tickets, OR you could win a pair of tickets ($120 value) right here!

  1. “Like” Spark Youth Program on Facebook and follow their Twitter @SparkProgram
  2. “Like” Cake & Heels on Facebook
  3. Leave a comment below with your favorite dessert (and be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you!)
Deadline to enter is Tuesday February 8th at 5PM. I’ll randomly select a winner and contact them via email the next morning. If I don’t hear back from them by noon, I’ll draw another winner… give them an hour… etc, so be sure to check your email!

February 10, 2011
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
(VIP Reception, 7 PM)
Purchase Tickets Here:

Gallery 825
825 N. La Ciengega Blvd
(corner of Santa Monica & La Cienega)

** 100% of your ticket purchase will help Spark provide more at-risk students with life-changing apprenticeships in exciting local organizations and businesses, such as Disney Interactive Media, Activision, UCLA Biology Labs, Soho House, the California Science Center, SGH Architecture, and many more!

***** UPDATE *****
And the winner is... Myra Chang!  My first time using the Random Number Generator!  Yay!

To everyone else who entered, there are still tickets available to purchase!



  1. My favorite dessert (of the moment) is the Chocolate Hazelnut Purse at Fraiche in Santa Monica. Candied Hazelnuts + Nutella Ice Cream = Heaven!!!

  2. my favorite dessert is anything nikita makes....

    no? too much brown nosing?

    i'm currently jones for this vietnamese dessert. it's got green rice and taro, covered with coconut milk. it's scrun-diddly-um-shis.

  3. I am a sucker for salted caramel -- there used to be a caramel chocolate tart at Alcove in Los Feliz (caramel filling, salted chocolate on top) that was to DIE for.

    I was telling a co-worker of mine about it and he had never heard of salting caramel to bring out the flavor. His response, "Salted caramel?! What is this, 1920s Berlin? So decadent."

  4. my favorite dessert is chocolate molten cake.

  5. love a good panna cotta - the one at kittichai in nyc is superb!

  6. Favorite dessert - Banana Cream Pie

  7. I've had way to many desserts to just have one favorite...but some tops have included:

    Fresh strawberry shortcake ala Nectar cantu
    Mysterious Rose Baklava that I could never find again on the LES in NYC.
    Corn Ice Cream Sunday with Salted Caramel from Park
    Red Velvet Cake from Penelope

    Oh and Nikki...Gosh you look pretty today!!

  8. Would love to find a tasty elevated Cookie-wich (cookie sandwich w ice cream in the middle)!

  9. molten chocolate cake a la mode

  10. Pumpkin pie. The entire thing. In one sitting.


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