Monday, January 31, 2011

Tacos Vampiros

So I've started writing for this little website... Home & Garden Ideas, and my first published article was a Recipe for Beef Tacos

Being me, I of course took this assignment to a slightly elevated level, wanting to emulate the amazing Tacos Vampiros that I'd tried at the Taste of Beverly Hills.  Sadly, with my article they used a stock photo, so I did a little cooking myself this weekend... And I present Tacos Vampiros!!
Throwing a little Mexican-themed fiesta and want to impress your guests with a slightly unique take on the classic beef taco? Then, this recipe is just right for you. These tacos are inspired by the infamous Los Angeles Taco Truck, Tacos Guanajuato’s Vampiros Tacos. A traditional street cart taco, which is making appearances up and down the US-Mexico border, the Vampiros Taco (or vampire taco) gets its name from the tortilla preparation.  When the tortilla is griddled until it’s hard and crunchy, and then filled with a mixture of grilled cheese, the result is reminiscent of a bat wing. 
While the preparation feels a little time intensive, the payoff is totally worth it. Crunchy, salty & filling, this gourmet take on the traditional will certainly change your mind on the limits of culinary innovation. This feast should easily serve 12-15 people. 


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