Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Li Hing Mui Cocktail!

Now that I'm finally pulling myself out of the hole I've dug by piling on more work than was necessary *cough* malcolm *cough,* to work towards a goal that seems very silly... but could potentially be hilarious (yes I am being intentionally vague) I can get back to the Asian Foodie Blogging!

Yes, I do consider myself honored that one of my blogger heroes Mr. kevinEats has even noticed Cake & Heels!  Plus, click on the link & read his post, it's so on point.

So where does that leave us?  With a little summer-y alcoholic treat to get us through the cold long winter... (I'm a SoCali girl, this 40 degree weather is seriously freezing me out.)

Li hing mui is a salty dried plum, great for healing canker sores, and even better for rimming cocktails.  It has a very distinctive sweet, sour, salty & tangy taste that makes your taste buds dance!  I started out dipping the rim of my glass in a shallow dish of champagne & then into a plate of the powder before setting it aside.

In a shaker I combined 1 oz of vodka w/ 3 oz of guava juice & mixed.  Poured the concoction into the glass & topped with float of bubbly champagne and a garnish of pineapple! 

Goes perfectly with a large tray of Hawaiian Poke & chips, sitting poolside with your heat lamp burning up next to you.


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