Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Girl's Weekend is finally here!

Girl's Weekend - The Menu
Here's a little sneak peek at the food you'll be seeing photos of next week.

Starters / Drinking Snacks
Hawaiian Guacamole (w/ Pineapple & Pomegranate)
Ahi Tuna Poke
Garlic Edamame

Portuguese Sausage w/ Egg & Rice
Fresh Fruit Platter (of the tropical variety)
Hawaiian French Toast (soaked in pineapple & fried in bacon drippings)

Huli-Huli Chicken
Spam Musubi
Tofu Salad w/ Salmon (this has cucumber in it, but we'll make a special one w/o for Jane)
Fried Rice
Macaroni Salad

Hangover leftovers + Mimosa's

To Drink!
Champagne & Lilikoi Cocktails


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