Wednesday, October 6, 2010

wd~50 w/ mr. wylie dufresne

Being a lover of pushing the envelope on the limitless possibilities of food, and combined with the fact that I'm not entirely sure of the next time I'll make my way back to the great NYC, a trip to wd~50 was definitely in the cards. And being that this was my one big meal of the trip, we decided to splurge on the 12 course tasting menu... (albeit without the wine pairings, otherwise we would have died.  Literally.) 

sesame & parmesan crisps
Super thin & amazingly delicious wafers that melted in your mouth.  However extremely dangerous as a pre-cursor to the massive amounts of food to come.  Isaac did not heed my warning about eating too many.  He learned his lesson later. 

first course: cobia, grapefruit, cauliflower, kaffir lime
 Fresh slice of cobia smothered in a grapefruit & kaffir lime sauce with roasted cauliflower, and a pumpernickel crumble which was amazing!  Sadly I can't remember what those little white balls were in the front.

second course: everything bagel, smoked salmon threads, crispy cream cheese
By far my favorite course of the evening!  It was SORBET.  The Bagel.  Creamy, cold & soft sorbet fashioned to look and taste just like an everything bagel.  Paired with what resembled a salmon version of Rousong, pickled red onions & a wafer of cream cheese.

third course: foie gras, passionfruit, chinese celery
A bubble of rich and creamy foie gras, which encased a sweet passion fruit glaze, atop a bed of celery crumble and topped with green onions. Here is where Isaac made his first fatal flaw.  Finishing off both his and the second half of mine.  Foie gras, it's a rich substance.

to drink: beet & champagne cocktail
I wrongly assumed that I'd be able to find this description on the website, so I'm not really sure what went into this drink, or what fru-fru name it was given, but it certainly was yums.

fourth course: scrambled egg ravioli, charred avocado, kindai kampachi
A square block of scrambled egg, made with the same spherephication techniques I'd used in my mozzarella undertakings, the interesting addition was a creamy avocado mousse that had been charred to a smoky crisp on top, paired with a salty potato crumble.

fifth course: cold fried chicken, buttermilk-ricotta, tabasco, caviar
Now looking at the description of this dish, you'd think Wylie would have caviared up some tabasco, but I'm pleasantly surprised to find a nice mound of actual sturgeon caviar instead.  The tabasco came in the form of a sauce mixed with honey, which was just spicy enough to offset the cream of the buttermilk-ricotta mash.  Cold or hot, the fried chicken was nicely cooked, and the texture worked well with the dish.

sixth course: black bass, chorizo, pineapple, popcorn
I'd heard stories about Wylie's use of popcorn, but was never expecting it to come out in a puree form.  The chorizo was crumbled, the pineapples grilled, and the fish lightly seared.  This dish didn't work so well for me as a whole, but the parts alone were great.

seventh course: beef and bearnaise
Deconstructed food at it's best.  A beef consume with Bearnaise balls & topped with a savory scallion sauce.

eight course: lamb loin, black garlic romesco, soybean, pickled ramps
By far my least favorite of the courses, it was a thick piece of lamb with a kind of thick and paste-y black garlic sauce and yet another vegetable crumble.

ninth course: white beer ice cream, apple, caramel, caraway
Our palate cleanser.  Pretty straight forward, but a nice combination of flavors.  The caraway cookie added a nice little bit of spice to the dish.

tenth course: rainbow sherbet, plum, tarragon, orange, olive oil
Slowly plummeting into food coma, we're at our last 3 courses.  Dessert.  The flavor combinations in this were divine.  Plum, tarragon & orange sherbet, wrapped in a sugar tuile atop an olive oil cake, with an olive oil sauce, tarragon foam & a sweet plum drizzle.

eleventh course: soft chocolate, beets, long pepper, ricotta ice cream
A chocolate ganache with coco nibs, ricotta ice cream, beet sauce & frozen beets and finally a long pepper shortbread crumble which was just the right amount of spicy to offset the creaminess of the ricotta and ganache.  My taste buds were so shot by this point however, it was hard to tell.

twelfth course: cocoa packets, chocolate shortbread, milk ice cream
The balls resembled an oreo, condensed milk ice cream coated in a dusting of chocolate cookies, but the cocoa packets were really the best.  A chocolate leather encasing coco nibs was the perfect end to this ridiculous meal.

Thank You Mr. Dufresne for a delightful meal!  Even if we were still full 5 days later...

50 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002-2401
(212) 477-2900


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