Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh those silly Korean Tacos...

When B & I decided it was high time for a double date dinner, but we couldn't decide which of the 20,000 Groupon, Living Social, DealPop, TownHog, Blackboard Eats, Fresh Guide or SocialBuy discounts we should use, we settled on the always reliable, cook it ourselves option... 

Complimented with the fact that the boy lives in the heart of K-Town crossover to Hollywood, and the only grocery store within driving distance is the Korean Market, I settled on trying to recreate the famed Kogi Taco.  But if only I knew how?!  Thank god for google...

Google & one of my new favorite blogs, Closet Cooking!!  He had a wonderful step by step set of instructions for how to recreate the masterpiece, and even suggestions for appropriate side dishes.  Amazing. Although I do have to admit that I had to wiki a few of the food items... gochujang & gochugaru to be exact, the staff at the market was more than helpful at finding these items.  (Albeit they were probably laughing behind my back as I walked away.  Stupid Asian, doesn't even know these basic ingredients.)

Korean Short Rib Tacos

* I totally used pre-marinated Kalbi & Spicy Pork.  Lazy I know, but I was short on time!

Korean Style Salsa Roja
* I substituted the roasted tomato portion with canned tomato paste which worked well & added a pinch of the gochujang instead of the Cayanne pepper (mostly because I didn't have any)

Onion & Cilantro Relish
* Instead of lime to marinate, I used fresh squeezed orange juice.

Shredded Romaine in Korean Sesame Dressing
* Doubled the recipe because it didn't seem like quite enough.  Added in a crushed & diced clove of garlic & a teaspoon of orange zest. 

Korean Style Re-Fried Beans
* And I used the extra oranges, cored to make nifty little bowls for the beans!


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