Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zero loves him some Catcakes

Now that the pop rocks cupcakes are done, I'm on to my next challenge.  Feline friendly catcakes.  After sending M to Ikea (she was already going there so I amended her shopping list) to get some delicious yet inexpensive salmon pate, and after getting silicon cupcake molds so zero wouldn't be noming paper, I was ready.

I filled the base of the catcake with a mixture of dry food and salmon to hold it together, and then used the pate as a frosting on top, with some dry food as a garnish.  It looked great, but I think next time to make this even more of a cat craze, I'm going to use tuna for the base and catnip as a garnish.

Enjoy the adorable results inspired by Lake Street Creamery's oh so cute ad.


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