Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things I ate this weekend: Taste of Beverly Hills

Saturday - Secrets from the Kitchen & Cellar

Angelini Osteria - Amazing Lasagna.  Perhaps one of my favorites of the weekend!
Bastide - Shrimp ceviche in their corn chowder soup.
Bazaar SLS Hotel - Their basic Mozzarella Caprese. Delish as always, but not so special knowing I can make it myself.
Beacon - Again, memory failing...
Bombay Palace - mediocre Indian food.  This place was a pass.
Carmela - Salted Caramel ice cream.
Conservatory Grill at Montage - Dessert spread.  + incredible jalapeno soda.
Delancey - Beer & Meatballs
Fig - Frito & Chili hot dogs
Fraiche - ... god, I should have done a better job of taking notes.  And not just mental ones.
Jitlada - Another blank.
Mercantile/District - Venison bites.  Those were good.
Mr. Cecil's BBQ - Pork nibblets!
Napa Valley Grille - think it was a salad something.  Not sure.
Oliverio - Tuna tartar on potato cakes.
Pace - Mussels in some tasty sauce
Rustic Canyon - Pork belly bites & kidney beans.  Melt in your mouth good.
Savore Catering - I know we ate here.
Simplehuman - Walter Manzke - Curry shrimp in a crunchy wonton wrapper.
Sunnin Lebanese Cafe - hummos.  the good stuff.
Takami Sushi - Grilled salmon skewers & crispy shrimp balls.
Tender Greens - Salad w/ mussels & a cold gazpacho soup.
Valerie Confections - Rose Petal petit-fours
Water Grill - Fresh oysters on the half shell.
Wurstkuche - sausage.  with stuffs.

* There was a delicious panna cotta submerged in a fresh watermelon gazpacho with basil gellee.  No idea where that was from.

Sunday - The Art of Brunch

American Tea Room - had a delicious brioche tea.
Auntie Em's - Blueberry french toast & heirloom tomato grits.
Bar Pinxto - These fritter things that looked pretty but were kind of bland.
Bazaar SLS Hotel - Their version of french toast.  Very light and fluffy.
Comme Ca - Blank.  Were they the bacon & fig pop tarts?
Craft - God I'm bad at this...
Factor's Deli - Lox & bagels
Fig - I know they made something... but it wasn't bacon wrapped bacon so I was sad.
Firefly - Fresh heirloom bloody mary's & these awesome little egg foam things.
Foundry - It was something kind of heavy.
Huckleberry - amazing spread of baked goods!  I went with the maple & bacon biscuits.
It's All About The Bread - Sandwiches. Good bread.  No Bay Cities.
Mercantile/District - Bleh
Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill - Mary Janes
Nickel Diner - Bacon donuts!
NineThirty at the W Hotel - Think this is where the seared ahi tuna was...
Restaurant at Sunset Marquis - Flash frozen ice cream pops
Simplehuman - Walter Manzke - Pork Rib with Soy, Hoisin, Sesame, and Chili
Sweet E's Bakeshop - Cake Pops!
The Beverly Hilton - Tuna tartar boats
The Farm of Beverly Hills - Again. Something

* The crab claws.  Those were great.  Blank as to the restaurant.

Sunday - BBQ in the Hills

Akasha - Spicy chicken wings
Auntie Em's - Mac & Cheese
Bar Pinxto - Nope.  Blank.
Bastide - BBQ Duck Rillettes with Grilled Peach Compote.
Chaya Restaurant Group - Steak skewers that were amazing
Compartes Chocolatier - Vodka truffles
Craft - Grilled Lamb with Spigarello
Fig - BBQ Pork Slider with Pickled Beans and Coleslaw
Firefly - Grilled Lamb with Spigarello
Foundry - Blerg.  I was doing so well on this one too.
Joe's Watermelon Gazpacho with Cucumber and Yogurt
Il Grano -  Grilled Shrimp and Squid with Arugula, Corn, and Lemon Dressing
Larsen's Steahouse - Rib Eye of Beef with Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, and Macaroni & Cheese
Lawry's The Prime Rib - Prime Rib sliders with creamed corn.
Melissa's Produce Company - Fresh salad of sorts. 
Mr. Cecil's BBQ - More nibblets!!
Oliverio - Grilled Rib Eye with Arugula
Plaisir - Cream puffs
PopShop Popcicles - Mojito Popsicle
Simon LA - Steak bites in a salad
Sweet Rose Creamery - Salted Caramel ice cream bon-bons
Taco Guanajuato - Vampiros y Volcanes Tacos
The Beverly Hilton - Shrimp & teriyaki chicken skewers
WP 24 - Pork belly bao taco's
BBQ Truck - Bacon wrapped meatballs

** Seriously did my best to remember.  I apologize if I got these wrong.  There were also massive quantities of alcohol present... which impaired my memory.  Massively.

Oh right, and then there were the chefs!!  Ted Allen, Art Smith, Ludo Lefavre, Ray Garcia, Scott Conant, Richard Ruskell & Tim Love!


  1. While my memory is definitely still worse than yours, the only glaring omission I noted was Saffron from the list of Saturday eateries. I remembered this because a) I'm a slut for Indian food b) it was offering the same saffron rice, chicken tikka massala, and nan as Bombay but was drastically better, putting them in direct competition and creating a clear winner.

  2. Oh yes. I did forget them. Although I think by that point I had just ONE TINY bite I was sooo full.


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