Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Death by County Fair Food

On Sunday we headed to the LA County Fair for some good noms, to check out the Bark Park, Mojo's Jungle & the Bodies exhibit, and to see my pop pop in the LA County parade!  While the adorable puppies were all probably still asleep, the outback wildlife in Mojo's Jungle were fully awake and playful.  Highlights?  Baby kangaroo!!  He's just too cute for words.

Getting a little peckish, we went on a search for food, and our noses led us right to a heaping pile of freshly roasted peppers and onions.  Looking at the menu, there were regular dogs (sans peppers) for $3.50, and large dogs (smothered in goodness) for $7.50.  It seemed like a pretty steep jump for what in my mind was the difference between a regular and a large dodger dog.

My mom on the other hand kept asking me if I was sure I wanted a large.  "Of course!!" I mean what I really wanted more than anything were those peppers and onions.  IZ feeling the same wanted a large as well.  So we put in our orders and waited.

What my mom was really asking me was... it's a 1/2 pound hot dog.  Are you sure that's what you want?  Because that sucker is HUGE!  Thankfully the cashier screwed up our order & only charged us for 1 gigantic dog, which was more than enough to feed 2.  I had to laugh.  The size was beyond comical & considering I'm no Kobayashi or Black Widow, I can't imagine what kind of person would be able to stuff this whole thing down. That's when I look up and realize, wait.  I'm at the County Fair.  In the most obese country in the world.  Oh that's right.  This is why we're going to die young.

That said, being a county fair veteran, I've at least taken a nibble of 90% of the ridiculous that exists in this gluttonous heaven (it's for research), but leave it to the Carney folks to come up with something even more over the top that fried butter.

This is something right out of Snookie's dream journal.

Chocolate Covered Pickles.

You heard me.

Chocolate Covered Pickles.

Already being ridiculously full from the hot dog "experience" I couldn't even comprehend what this poster was screaming at me.  Like.  What?  Really?

I guess this one adventure will have to wait until next summer's fair season.  Along with what will hopefully travel to LA, fried beer.  Unless anyone wants to go back this month?

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