Thursday, September 16, 2010


Brand new to Westwood in the sketchy old dim sum location on Broxton, BiBiGo is absolutely going to become my #1 go to lunch spot in the hood. 

After curing many a hangover in NY by stumbling to K-Town for some steaming hot bowls of bimbimbop, this restaurant flips my memories of the food on it's head.  Presented in a much cleaner venue with a healthier attitude toward delicious bowls of charred rice, BiBiGo serves the same variety of people who switched from the generic FroYo cafes to Pinkberry and Yogurtland.

Here you're presented with a multi-choice menu that gives you the illusion of being in charge.  First you have to decide... super healthy salad version, cold bim bim bop (which really, you'd only ever order if you were forced to take this to-go) and the best choice, hot pot, all for $8.99.

What is hot pot?  It's a stone bowl that's heated through and through, so when your food is served at slightly room temperature, it cooks and chars right before your very eyes. 

You then get to choose your rice.  There's white, brown, barley mix and then something I rarely see, but am now obsessed with, black pearl rice.  It had a really nice texture, sort of like barley but on the slightly larger side, and the color on the black stone looked awesome.

Next you choose your protein.  Tofu, chicken or bulgogi (marinated steak).  And finally your sauce. They give you 4 choices, but really very little explanation.  So here it is...

Kohot - Seems to be the traditional spicy curry paste you find in most bim bim bops.  Similar to Siracha.
Ssam Sauce - Soybean Paste sauce.  Mild in flavor & texture.  I think it'd be good to mix this with another sauce.
Green Sesame - Not entirely sure where the "green" part comes from, but a nice thick Sesame sauce.
Citron Soy - Ponzu.  Half lemon, half soy...Very traditional, but kinda meh in the flavor department.

Here's what I got.

Hot Pot + Black Pearl Rice + Bulgogi + Ssam Sauce & Green Sesame + Sesame Oil = HEAVEN

Also something to note, while it looks small in the front, they do have a whole back seating area & an outdoor patio which was really nice.  While the key is to eat there for the Hot Pot, their to-go packaging was also very cool and eco friendly. 

1090 Broxton Avenue
(310) 824-0011

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