Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Docket: 8/6/10

Friday August 6th

9PM - It's Anthony Marostica's Birthday!  (Not really... it's just like any other day, but with cake!  And champagne!)  Going to dinner @ Manna, our new favorite birthday spot for some fun champagne falls.  Should be highly entertaining to say the least.

11PM - Drinks @ Crazy Hook, a Pirate themed bar in K-Town.  What more could you ask for?  

Saturday August 7th

12PM - OC County Fair!!  A whole day full of amazing foods, sights & wonder.  I absolutely love going to the fair & watching the pig races, seeing all of the amazing floral designs, playing with the puppies (although I don't know if they have puppy corner at the OC, or if it's just an LA dealio) wine tasting & eating massive amounts of grilled corn on the cob. 

+ learning about agriculture in California never hurts.

8:30PM - Yet again going to try for the Cinespia Cemetery Screening.  Although, knowing my luck, there's no way I make it.

10:30PM - It's Wiian's Birthday!  Barney's Westwood, here we come!  Last year I found an inflated pig, which provided much amusement & many scandalous photos the next morning... now I have to figure out a way to top it.  Wish me luck!

Sunday August 8th

11AM - Live Fresh Sea Urchin @ The Hollywood Farmer's Market. 
At the south end of the Sunday Hollywood Farmers’ Market is a stand selling whole fish, crab, lobsters, and sea urchins (uni). sku has discovered that for $7, they’ll crack the shell and you can eat the perfectly fresh uni right there. “I paid, and they cracked. The urchin they handed me was still alive, its spines moving creepily as I held it with a paper towel,” says sku. “They didn’t offer any plasticware (a spoon would have been handy) so I just stood there, scooping uni out with my hand and feeding my face, all the while drawing a crowd of curious onlookers.”
sku says “tasting uni right out of the urchin definitely will make it harder for me to enjoy anything but the very freshest the next time I’m at a sushi bar.”
7PM - THE OTHER GUYS!  I'm very much looking forward to an evening of hilarity with Will & Mark-y Mark.

***** Other Fun Happenings In & Around the City *****

Friday - The Dining Deck @ the new Santa Monica Place Opens Today (EaterLA)
Saturday - Korean BBQ Cook-off & Sojo mix-off (CoC)
Saturday - Outdoor Cinema Food Fest: The Hangover


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