Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Docket: 8/13/10

Friday August 13th 

Friday the 13th!  What a perfect day for debauchery.  Thank god that they've given us Spyglassers a Summer Half Day so all our misfortunes befall us outside of company boundaries.

Thinking about cruising the new Santa Monica Place for a bit & then hitting a few happier hours before heading home.

Free Sliders @ Yankee Doodles?  I'm there.

10PM - It's Ms. Kitada's Birthday tonight!  Happy Birthday!  

Saturday August 14th

Promised the 'rents I'd help them with a day of cleaning out my Grandma's house.  Fun filled family time, but I'm sure I'll swing by Marukai and pick up some exciting & tasty foods.

No game plan for the evening.  Somebody tell me what's going on!  Maybe I will check out the Downtown Art Walk...

Sunday August 15th

Farmer's Market with B!  Maybe this time there will be fresh Sea Urchin, but I'm thinking Sunday mornings @ the Farmer's Market with B is totally going to become a thing.

I'm thinking that Sunday night is a Molecular Gastronomy experiment dinner evening, followed by perhaps the Expendables?

Although I still have a ton of movies that I need to watch on the AFI list that I've been avoiding. 

Choices, choices... what shall I do?
**** Other Fun Happenings In & Around The City ****

Saturday 1PM - 3:30PM - Ice Cream Social @ Target in West Hollywood for the "Poketo for Target" Launch (CoC)

Saturday - The Gorbals hosts the the Art Walk Hangover Wine Dinner until 2AM. Think vino from Malibu Family Wines paired with a five course tasting menu for $70. No strict seating, no annoying speeches, but do call (213-488-3408) for a resy. [EaterWire]

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