Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heart Attack Cafe

I know I've already covered the basics about the OC County Fair in earlier posts, so no need to regurgitate information.  County Fair's are great.  Corn is great.  Pig Races are great.  Wine courtyard & tasting are always fabulously boozy.

And then there's the deep fried butter.

Last year, one of the newest additions to the County Fair's Heart Attack Cafe was the adorably named Zucchini Weenie, a hollowed out Zucchini, stuffed with a hot dog, skewered on a stick, dipped in corndog batter & deep fried.  While the thing came out of the fryer looking like a brick, you do have to appreciate adding a little color to an otherwise fully chemical filled brown stick of junk.  Tricking people into eating their vegetables by covering it in batter & frying it, why it's the American Way, right?

Jamie Oliver is spewing nasty British phrases somewhere around the world right now.

This year, they've one-upped their game.  Deep fried butter?  Seriously?

How do they make it?  It's created by taking churro dough, and filling it with a butter & cream cheese mixture before frying.  You can even choose your own flavor!  Garlic or Cinnamon-Sugar. Sadly for you, I couldn't bring myself to try this, but luckily the OC Registrar took photos!  So you can see how disgusting this all looks.

On the other hand... Bacon wrapped, chocolate dipped Oreos?  RIGHT up my alley.  We bought a few of these for my friend Wiian's birthday, since I know how much he absolutely loves the bacon/chocolate combination.

"Niki.  I'm going to have to eat AROUND the bacon."

His loss, really.  The rest of the country has come to embrace this extremely decadent and heart clogging treat... well, everyone except Michelle Obama.


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