Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chocolate Cup Fail

For a while now I've been wanting to copy the infamous Bakerella in making these absolutely adorable chocolate cups using a balloon for a mold.  It seems easy enough right?  Especially for a little Martha Stuart in training?

No.  I was wrong.

First, looking at  her pictures, it looks like she used water balloons, right?  Because they're tiny and adorable.  So I went to the store to buy myself some water balloons, but shocker, apparently neither Smart & Final nor Trader Joe's carry them.  And I didn't need 10,000 of them from Costco.  Finally at Ralphs I found a bag.  Mistake 1.

Next, chocolate.  I've always loved the packaging of the pound of chocolate at Trader Joe's, and figuring a pound would be just enough, I went for it.  Mistake 2.

I crumbled up the chocolate, set it over a stove-top & waited for it to melt.  Which it did.  Rather quickly.  Smooth and ready for dipping, I had my balloons all ready to dip.

** Side Story: I've found that IZ... not so much a balloon man.  Clowns would beat him.  He can't blow-em-up nor can he tie them.  This was all very silly to watch him try to attempt. **

So, water balloons.  They're thin.  They have a very high break on impact rate.  Heating up the air inside with no where to expand was probably not the best idea.  Now I have nice melted chocolate littered with bits of burst balloons.  Oh joy.

After scooping them out, I search my closets for some regular balloons (because yes, I'm secretly a clown on weekends.  One who would beat IZ for his balloon incompetence.) and find a box of Winnie the Pooh ones.  I barely blow them up, and then dip them in the chocolate.  It works!  They look adorable!

I've now got a tray that I set in the fridge to harden.

Which they do.  But seeing as how I went with the readily breakable and edible variety of chocolate with a lower melting point, versus a good ole Baker's chocolate which would have actually held it's form, the chocolate cups start to melt the moment I try to break them off the balloon.  Plus I absolutely should have double dipped.  One layer... just didn't cut it.

Oh right, and remember the Winnie the Pooh logos?  Well yep.  They came right off onto the chocolate.  So I've ended up with a tray of chocolate cups that melt within minutes of being outside of the fridge, and laced with (assuming deadly) pooh-ish toxins.  And have holes in the bottom.

This was not one of my better experiments.  And it was going to be so yummy filled with Beer Sorbet & Strawberries.

Next time.  Baker's Chocolate & Regular Balloons.  That should do the trick.  Hopefully.


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