Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheap wine, good eats & a view to die for... Yamashiro Farmers Market

It truly exceeded my expectations! 

That I could even make the tail end of this event made it all the more promising.  Rushing after work, I pulled into the lot around 7:45, and saw a small crowd of people waiting for the shuttle.  Parking was free, but they did Valet the cars... It seemed a little sketchy, but worked out well in the end.

We took a super short shuttle ride up to Yamashiro, and we were met with a stunning view of the last remnants of a stunning sunset.  If only we got out of work just a little earlier.  Sad. 

The very first booth as you walk into the "market" (I put it in quotes, because this was more akin to a foodie tasting event than an actual homegrown farmer's market) is the wine & beer tent.  Assuming it was by the glass, we were pleasantly surprised to see groups walking away with full bottles, and even more surprised by the very reasonable $20/bottle price tag!  They also had ginormous singha beers for $7 a pop. 

We then wandered around, listening to easy music, tried out a bunch of different cheese spreads, hummus & pesto's before realizing that the wine minus food was making us a little tipsy.  Having heard great things about the Yamashiro Taco's we meandered over to the booth, only to find a 30 min line! 

Not going to last that long, we opted for crepes instead.  Yummy, delicious crepes.  You can never go wrong. 

IZ went with the Best of the Wurst, and it came with a smooth & creamy German potato salad which I could eat by the bucket load. The owner even came over after he'd finished to check in, see how he'd enjoyed his Wurst & to see if their new baker was up to snuff.  

This was a great first experience, but next time we're coming with a game plan.  Divide and Conquer, one person rushes over to the taco line to wait, while the other stocks up on bottles of booze at the front. 

Also to note, while the market is officially "over" at 9PM, we definitely lingered until around 9:45 or so enjoying the music & views...

Yamashiro Farmer's Market
Park at the Fifth Christian Science Center
(7107 Hollywood Blvd.)
Complimentary shuttle up to the Market runs from 5:30-9pm.
Returning shuttle runs until 10pm.

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