Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Buttermilk Truck

And now time for a little food truckage review.  

Thank god there's another foodie in the office who monitors the food truck movements, otherwise I feel like I'd never know when anything is ambling my way.  The Buttermilk Truck was within spittin' distance of the office, well... maybe if you're a llama, but at least close enough that we could make it there & back within the lunch hour. 

It was empty when we got there, which is not a great sign. Are people done with the food truck phenomenon unless it's super convenient?  There are so many new trucks, all claiming to be fantastic, it's really hard to keep up.  And they can't all be great.  I think the only one left that I still have any remote excitement to try is the frysmith truck... their carne asada fries photo totally sucks me in. 

Regardless, we were there & eager to try their buttermilky offerings.  Looking over the menu, you think buttermilk, you think biscuits.  And they had a biscuit breakfast sandwich offering, but sadly for us they were all sold out.  So we settled on their Hawaiian Roll sliders, stuffed with grilled Portuguese sausage, caramelized onions & a soy sauce & egg scramble.  The flavors were well balanced & the serving size was just right.  We were full... but had just enough room to knock down some mini-pancakes.

There were two flavors that day: Red Velvet & Lemon Ricotta. 

The Red Velvet was stuffed with chocolate chips, and extremely decadent.  I loved the color & the light fluffiness of the pancake made a flavor that I normally don't enjoy, quite likable. 

The Lemon Ricotta pancakes on the other hand were exceptional.  The lemon was sweet and aromatic, the ricotta rich and flavorful, and the pancakes soft as pillows.  It was topped with a blueberry compote which added a nice touch of sweet and tart, and some powdered sugar which actually crystallized slightly on top of the fresh off the grill cakes.  It added just a tiny bit of crunch to the dessert.  All in all, an A+ from me!

The Buttermilk Truck


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