Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Docket: 7/30/10

Friday July 30th

Going to be a little boring tonight... since we have such a BIG DAY planned for tomorrow.  Work drinks @ X-Bar, followed by a night of cuddling with my Captain Smush (leaving room for the inevitable gags and vomit.)

Saturday July 31st

Words can't even begin to describe the amazingness that is this event. Halloween in the summer!  Once a year Manhattan Beach is host to an amateur six man volleyball tournament, in which the participating teams all dress up in theme, and the beach is flooded with thousands of people cheering on the madness.  Parties on the strand, bars packed with happier hours, and plenty of man-candy running around, this is certainly not a day to be missed.

10AM - Party bus departs from WeHo.

12:30PM - Unlimited Champagne & Mimosa Brunch @ Twelve & Highland for Ms. Punkity's continued week of birthday celebration!

5PM - Re-Grouping at 10th & The Strand.  This is where we spent a decent amount of time last year chilling out and enjoying the hilarity that is the bro-tastic high five.  Also the sight of the location that I got accidentally peed on last year.  Note to self, do not open doors to port-a-poties until you are SURE they are empty. *

8PM - Dinner at Wahoo's.  Hoping for a sighting of what will become the Keith Manchester of 2010.*

Nighttime - Being overly optimistic here considering I haven't even started drinking yet... but assume we'll try and hit the bars for some dancing & (in Kristin's case) couples trying to hit us up for a threesome.*

* I realize to some of you these stories make no sense... That's what happens when you miss Six Man.  You miss the shenanigans!  (My new favorite word poached from Becky!)

Packing List
  • Sunglasses - (Punky if you want yours you really need to remind me)
  • Water
  • Water bottles filled with alcoholic beverages - (Just make sure they're "colored correctly" so it doesn't look like you're drinking anything suspicious)
  • Sunblock
  • Backpack or tote in which to carry said water bottles
  • Bathing suit - (or just the top for Myra)
  • Cell Phone - I'd rather like to not lose anyone.
  • Wallet w/ ID.
  • Towel or sarong, in case we want to sit on the beach.  Probably the latter as it folds up tiny.
  • Business Card or something on which you can write your phone number... in case you meet your own Keith Manchester who doesn't have his cell phone on him because his kid's sized shorts are just THAT SMALL. 
  • Toilet paper or Napkins.  Just trust me on this one.  You'll realize why at the end of the day.
  • Oh maybe a small jacket in case it gets a little cold later?

Sunday August 1st


And reading the 20,000 books I have sitting on my Kindle.

And probably running to work to feed Mr. Feesh (aka Death Wish) so my conscious is happy.

And a massage.  Thanks Groupon!


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