Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Docket: 7/23/10

Friday July 23th

Finding myself in the unique situation of possessing 5 miracle fruits, I'm throwing a little flavor-tripping party for my friends K & M's birthdays! 
The miracle berry plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) produces berries that, when eaten, cause sour foods subsequently consumed to taste sweet.
~ Wikipedia
Only having a word-of-mouth knowledge of what to expect, I feel like I'm in for a treat...  On the menu, lemons, limes, goat cheese, guiness, maui stout coconut ale, tequila, almalfi lemons, bacon wrapped pineapples, caramelized onion cheese,  raw red onions, pickles, garlic bread, lawrey's seasoned salt & just for K, some in & out burgs.  I know the bacon wrapped pineapples break the "bacon creed" but I figured this was a good exception. 

I will of course be delivering a full report next week. 

Saturday July 24th

1PM - Dodgers v. Mets!  Oh and hopefully some hilarious forced double date stories, resulting from the consumption of many many cups of brewski.  Drunk L & Jewbacca finally together at last!  

Maybe this interaction will finally give him something good to rant about.

Plus, expect to see pictures of us chowing down on a Victory Knot!!

9PM - High Noon @ Cinespia.  Trying yet again to cross #87 off Caroline on Crack's List...  Yet this is a sad event, saying goodbye to my MarveyPants who's deserting LA (but hopefully not forever!)  

I feel like going to the Hollywood Forever screening is such a "new in LA and looking for things to do" event.  It was never really a thing that any of us born & raised were ever eager to do. Weird.  Well I guess I'll finally get to see what all the hype is about!

NIGHT - HOUSE PARTY!  It'll be nice to finally drink wildly at someone else's house without having to worry about the clean up, because that's what she has maids for!  

Sunday July 25th

10AM - Because I lost a bet, I owe IZ a breakfast in bed.  Figured it'd be the perfect time to use all my leftovers from Miracle Fruit day to make him some Eggs Baked w/ Spinach & Feta in a Tomato Shell (Although I think I'll be substituting Feta for Goat cheese, and Spinach for Panchetta)  

1PM - Let's play some tennis!  I need to keep practicing for the big Spyglass match :-).  As another side note, if any of you readers ever want to rally, let me know!!

9PM - mad men.  Kinda wish I was a fan so I'd be a little more excited about it, but since IZ found a Mad Men Drinking game with very easy to follow rules, it's certainly making this evening look even more promising!

And before you start in with the "How do you not LOVE Mad Men?!" lines, I've tried, a few times, to watch it.  If K can't learn to love HIMYM, then this just may not be in the cards for me...

Hopefully this weekend will be a little easier than last... I need a mini break before the craziness that will be SIX MAN next weekend!!


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