Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Docket: 7/16/10

Busy busy busy & full of my favorite things!  Schedules & timetables.  No no, I'm really not THAT OCD.  Well, maybe I am, but I have other loves as well.  Like great movies, scavenger hunts, good food, strong drinks, segways & of course hollywood bowl hipster love.

Friday July 16th

INCEPTION!  Like everyone else in this town, this is a must see for the weekend.  And the boy & I are being good kids & taking my parents out for the evening as well.

It's no midnight screening, but honestly, after seeing KICK ASS at midnight for Isaac's birthday, I think I've totally out grown the midnight screening.  Sad, I know, but I need my beauty sleep. 

Regardless, this movie is going to be amazing.  The friends who've already logged in their reviews give it 4 stars.

Saturday July 17th

9AM - Picking up my iPhone!!  After spending all week trying to track down its whereabouts from FedEx & 2 failed deliveries to my house, I've locked it down in a warehouse so I can FINALLY GET RID OF MY STUPID CRACKBERRY WHO'S BATTERY HATES MY GUTS.  I love my crackberry, but the battery & the whole "lets shut off when it's most inconvenient to nicole" thing is the worst.

11AM - Amazing L.A. Race!  I have no idea what we're getting ourselves into, but after the amazing time we had at Accomplice LA (another scavenger hunt-esq event show in Hollywood) I feel like this is right in the same wheelhouse.  I met the owners of this event at my Hollywood Assistant Beer Pong Tournament & they invited me & my friends to come try out their show for free!  Score!  So hopefully we don't loose ourselves a MOREostica Saturday morning & I can draft a full report after the event. 

7PM - Dinner at Malo.  Thank you BlackBoard Eats for your lovely & well timed 30% off coupon!  Yes we will be using it :-).  Again, now that I will hopefully have my iPhone all set up & hipstamatic installed, perfect for our silverlake sojourn.  And no, I'm not turning into a hipster, let's just chalk this one up to my 4 years spent as a nerd on Yearbook staff in high school.

9PM - Blood & Sand @ Tiki Ti!  Otherwise known as TORO TORO TORO!  Otherwise known as the quickest way to a blackout.  And yes I know it's Where the Dirty Hipsters Are, but at least the bar is an open top, so their scent can float towards the stars and not me.

Sunday July 18th

9AM - Breakfast (this is assuming I'm functioning at 9AM) at Starling Diner to knock another one off "the list"  I'm not 100% hopeful on this one & maybe it'll change to late lunch... but since I'm down in the LB, figured I'd give it a shot.

11AM - SEGWAY'S IN LONG BEACH!  Thanks to Groupon, I'm finally going to knock one more thing off my bucket list... #5, ride a segway.  We've got ourselves a 2 hour rental to tool around on the Long Beach boardwalk.  Here's hoping that none of us pull a Paris & fall over ass first.

(mini break to visit my grandma)

7:30PM - She & Him concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  A very lovely way to end my super hectic weekend.

I bought this tickets a while ago, but I'm actually pretty excited about the seats.  Dead center & in the first row (granted we're a couple sections UP from the stage) but still.  And we get that nifty little cement railing for our wine friendly picnic!

*expect lots of pictures!!

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