Friday, July 30, 2010

The Victory Knot!

The Victory Knot!

Last weekend I finally got to experience the ridiculousness of the Victory Knot, the much toted new menu item at Dodger's Stadium.  A 2 pound pretzel served in a pizza box with a trio of delicious dipping sauces on the side. It is indeed as amazing as it sounds.  Large enough to comfortably feed 4 people, it comes with a neon yellow "beer cheese" a spicy mustard & a sweet icing. 

The "beer cheese" very much reminded me the cheese sauce we used to use at the Shake Shack for the fries. It was gooey and tasty, but as with many dipping cheeses, the color was a little frightening.  Mustard & pretzels are always a good combination, as is the icing topping.  However the two together created this spicy, salty, sweet that was music to my mouth!  I do realize somewhere along the way I've developed a rather interesting, and sometimes downright strange flavor palate, but this I highly enjoyed. 

My only real complaint about the doughy monstrosity was the lack of pretzel salt.  If you're going to push the envelope this far, why stop without the salt?  Because really, using the sauce to scoop up the blood pressure causing granules of salt is my favorite part about eating a pretzel. 

All in all, I'd give it an A- 

You can find the Victory Knot at Campy's Corner right behind Home Base.


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