Friday, July 16, 2010

tse tse fly: best apricot chicken wings & french onion soup ever!

In the immortal words of Ari Gold ~ The Hamburger Hamlet, where no one in Hollywood would ever be caught dead.

I adore the tse tse fly of restaurants, and no matter how big time (in my dreams) I get, I'll never give up this classic institution.  I've grown up at the HH, from late-night child hood diners with my parents, to group "dates" in junior high school, to fun dinners out with my friends.  The dimly lit dining room, the classic old red leather chairs, the smoky afterglow of an atmosphere slightly past it's prime...

It's no wonder that such a place would have perhaps the best french onion soup I've ever had.  And I've been to France.  It's best ordered later in the evening, as I imagine fresh batches are made daily, but the truly perfectly caramelized onion soup flavor comes out after it's been stewing for a few hours.  It comes topped with a generous serving of ooey-gooey cheese, and a side of perfectly dippable garlic toast.

In addition, my mom & I always share the apricot & buffalo wings.  Wings are wings, it's all about the sauce!  The buffalo is a classic staple & provides a nice quick change from all the sweet, but the real winner is their apricot sauce.  There are no words to describe, but let's just say that when HH tried to re-vamp their menu & removed the wing sauce, the regulars created such a hiss-y fit, they had to bring it back!

I wish that were the case with my Jack Daniel's Wings @ Moriarty's in Philly.  I tried many a campaign to bring those suckers back.

Hamburger Hamlet
9201 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  
(310) 278-4924

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