Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harvest Cookies!!

Today at lunch, Kristin & I headed over to Nijiya Market to "browse."  However within seconds of walking through the door my arms were already full of delicious things to eat & I found myself being tugged toward the exit by a "scared for my purchasing safety" Kristin.  Thank goodness for her, or I would have gone home with the whole store!

One thing I did manage to escape with was Harvest's new biscuit (or new to me as I'd never seen it before) Almond Caramel!

Harvest biscuits - very thinly sliced and toasted wafer cookies that have a slight sweetness and a crispy flaky texture.  Impossible to eat just one.  I love that several Japanese cookies are reminiscent of things that we were fed as children.  They're designed with the intention to melt in your mouth. 

I'm certainly going to enjoy these :-)


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