Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer BBQs...

With summer already upon us, my boyfriend decided it would be the perfect time to put my overgrown & dirty patio to use.  However, in my non-infinite wisdom, I failed to take the "before" picture, and thusly fail at having a side by side comparison.  So instead, I have a party flier mocked up with what will most likely happen on our newly cleaned rooftop deck!

Do you see that pretty flower blossoming tree in the back?  Next to my white crosshatch fence?  Doesn't it look nice?

Now look closely...

Yep, that's right.  Very closely.  Those are fake!  Real dead tree, plastic fake flowers that I've taped onto the branches!  Brilliant, right?  I thought so.  My mother just rolled her eyes at me, while muttering under her breath, "hippie child." 

So let's hope that we don't burn down the building while trying to light our ancient BBQ, and get ready for some yummy new treats I'm (hopefully) going to make in the test kitchen this weekend!!

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