Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crossing another thing off my bucket list: Segways in Long Beach!

Thanks to the oh so wonderful Groupon, we found ourselves in possession of reasonably priced Segway rentals.  And, after watching the first 30 minutes of Paul Blart (because really that's the only amount of time one should spend on that movie... even though I did venture on to further lengths, I was sorry I did.) the fascination level for the nerdiest of transportation devices peaked. 

The day had finally come & we headed down to Long Beach for a Will Arnett-esq tour around the pier.  When we arrived at the Segway of Long Beach, they had us fill out a massive waiver, and sat us down for the "instructional video."

Shock & awe.  That's how they scare you into eliminating the Jackass moves from your imagination while riding their rental properties.  It was a 15 minute video demonstrating the 10,000 ways one could fall and crack their skull open while riding.  The whole idea seemed less and less appealing.  And the hippie manager didn't really help.

"eh, if you fall over, that's what the helmet's for."

No, I would not like to fall over.  But once she finally got us up and going, the fear slowly melted into an idiotic joy that surmounted any and all anxieties.  Very akin to the feeling of being on a wii balance board, the Segways were amazingly responsive and an absolute delight to ride.  Within minutes, we found ourselves weaving through trees, riding up and down ramps, and racing down the boardwalk.

All in all, I think this would be a very fun way to explore a new city, and would absolutely do it again while on vacay...

Now all I need is some extra $$ for said vacay.  Or a Jet.

Segway of Long Beach
27 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802-8139
(562) 437-9348

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