Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Champagne Birthday Bliss @ Manna

Very quickly before we get to the incredible that was a birthday party at Manna, I just wanted to talk about the new Fox Hills Mall!  Wowza!  That place is SUPER nice!  Why don't we hang out there more?

OK... so after hearing for a while about this Korean BBQ joint that's supposed to be super fun, I finally had a chance to try it.  My dear friend P's birthday.  Surprise surprise, birthday boys & girls get doused with a whole bottle o champagne!  Amazing, right?

To analyze the food quickly... $13.99 AYCE w/ four choices of meat.  Not quite as cheap as Castle BBQ's $9.99, but you get a little more bang for your buck at Manna.  Loads more kimchee and side options, as well as what basically amounted to an unlimited stack of scallion pancakes, all included.  Plus they have fairly cheap alcohol options... $25 for a large carafe of soju & pineapple juice & $11 bottles of Champagne (in case you'd like to drink it and not pour it on someone).

And once we actually found the restaurant (it's just above BJ's and right next to Target) the location is actually quite convenient.  However I feel like Manna could do a slightly better job of annotating their website's map.

Onto the Cake.  With a very limited amount of time in which to throw this whole ordeal together... (oh did I mention that I screwed up our original plans of going to the Magic Castle by not making reservations in time? No?  Well yeah... that left me with 8 hours in which to plan P a brand new birthday celebration.) I didn't have time for a signature cake.  Hello Bristol Farms Red Velvet!  Always will do in a pinch.

As for decorations, I've gotten very good at using my resources creatively.  A little bit of card stock, some tape, a pair of scissors and a handful of coffee stirrers later, voila, a Punky masterpiece!  (See, aren't you glad I did that instead of making you a MOUSEterpiece?) 

The best part was her reaction... OMG NIKI HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAKE??  WHERE DID THEY GET THOSE PICTURES FROM???????  *cricket cricket*  OH.  You made the cake.  Thanks!

Yes P, the restaurant upon hearing that it was your birthday covertly stalked you on facebook to make a customized cake.

So Happy Birthday P!  Hope you enjoyed getting WET!

Manna Korean BBQ
Culver City Branch
6600 Sepulveda Blvd., #2200
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-9901

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