Thursday, July 8, 2010

Caramel & Steak - Together At Last

In one of those random moments of inspiration, it hit me.  What would work perfectly with a nice salty caramel?  Why a succulent piece of steak, naturally. 

Let's start with the Caramel.  Now to me, caramel has always been a rather tricky subject.  Being the frugal spender I am, I've always believed I could make the perfect caramel without using a candy thermometer.  However my arrogance in my abilities constantly caused problems in the setting of my caramel.  It would always solidify into a gooey mess that was neither soft enough as a sauce, nor hard enough to cut into pieces. 

And then there as the time that I left a tray in the fridge to cool & my box-o-wine seeped through to make a nice zinfandel caramel sauce. Totally by accident.

This time I lucked out.  At first I had a kit (albeit one that had been sitting in my room for quite some time) which I dusted off & assumed would still be OK.  Wrong.  Totally wrong.  It was a rock solid square of sugar. 

So I was forced with a choice.  Attempt the seemingly impossible, or scrap the project for another day.  I figured why not, what's the worse that could happen?  If I totally screwed it up, I could always throw it away, and if it didn't harden, then I'd send Isaac to the store so we could make some ice cream sundaes. 

1 stick of butter
1 cup of whipping cream
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1 tsp sea salt

And voila!  The gods were on my side.  For the most part.  Then my stupidity won over.  I cooked the caramel perfectly, but then poured it into my wax paper lined pan.  I'd read online that you should used buttered tinfoil, but I figured (incorrectly) that this would yield the same results.  Nope.  The wax paper stuck to the caramel like superglue & I had to pry it off, bit by bit, using the tip of my knife.  Ended up throwing away more than half of the caramel.

But I at least had enough for the appetizers.  Once I cut them into pieces (using a buttered knife) I sprinkled a final dusting of sea salt on top before letting them settle.

As for the meat, I was originally going to do a peppercorn seared skirt steak, but got lazy and ended up buying the Maui marinated steaks from Trader Joes, throwing them on the BBQ and slicing them up.  It was less of a jarring taste from the sweet caramel & actually worked out really well. 

So enjoy!!  I know I did!

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