Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing L.A. Race!!!

On a splendidly sunny Saturday morning, team Glitter Cats assembled for what would prove to be the race of a lifetime.  Together we met at the secret undisclosed location for the Amazing L.A. Race & waited for our dossier & set of instructions.
"Do not talk to overly helpful locals.  They will most likely not be helpful."

"Be careful to get on the right subway.  LAers aren't used to taking this semi-foreign transportation & thus imagine that every train is the right train."

"Read instructions carefully."

"At one point during this race, you will have your Ahah moment.  The moment in which the clues finally make sense.  Each one of you will experience this."

"Finally, drink lots of water because it is HOT."
And we were off.  Cryptic clue #1 led us on a mad dash away from the group, hoping to be able to pull out ahead...  We strived to be one of those "competitive" teams.  Thankfully luck was on our side & we were racing off to clue #2!

This is where we hit our first snafu.  Everything you are given is a hint or a clue.  Do not disregard information.  Although this set us back a beat, we were still well ahead of the pack. 

Now I don't want to reveal too much of what transpired over the course of the race, hoping that you all will go out and experience it for yourself... but let's just say that our minds, bodies and spirits were all put to the test that day, and we prevailed! 

We learned that the red pen is important, to read all instructions carefully, that acting like & talking like crazy people is apparently very normal in LA and doesn't seem to draw much attention, that being organized and OCD actually comes in handy sometimes, and that a cold beer waiting at the finish line is a great motivator. 

I'd like to present Team Glitter Cats!!  1st place winners of the Amazing L.A. Race!!  (and only 11 minutes off of the best time EVER.)  That's right, so if K & I actually hustled our asses off and ran like the boys, or if A & I didn't screw up a few times, we totally would have held the new record.

Oh well, guess that's what Amazing Santa Monica Race is for.  :-)

Amazing L.A. Race
Runs every Saturday & Sunday at 11AM
Tickets are $65 each... or if you solve this clue, it's knocked down to $40.

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