Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eat My Blog Bake Sale

Last December a whole group of bloggers got together to showcase their amazing baking talents, while concurrently raising money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. It also happened to be the location of my first "date" (well really a Myra, non-date, is this really a date? kind of date) with the G-Man. So it makes sense that on my birthday & very close to our 6-month "anniversary" we'd hit the streets for a summer goodie treat.

It was quite the feast, and I also got my first experience with Scoops! Pear & Gorgonzola Ice Cream?! WTF? I mean I know Caroline knew what she was talking about when she mandated to try every flavor at scoops, but why have none of you dragged me there?? Seriously, incredible.

Speaking of Caroline, I got to meet my cracked out favorite blogger IRL, and she even gave me a shout out on her blog!

But speaking of bake-sales, my mentee, mento, little NYUer and I have decided we need a bake-sale of our own! Our charity? Tisch West. How... gracious alumni of us, right?


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