Monday, June 28, 2010

Breakfasting Brunch: Pancacon

"It tastes kind of like a McGriddle..."

That it absolutely does.  When presented with the inspired idea of putting bacon into a pancake, my boyfriend geared up for the challenge.  Being a short order line cook in college, he knows a thing or two about flipping a flapjack...

He started with some Aunt Jemima's pancake batter (because that's what we found while rooting through my kitchen cabinets) and a small package of bacon from Gelson's across the street (because we were too lazy to schlep to Trader Joe's for some maple bacon.)

First he fried up the bacon into nice crispy strips, and then set them over paper towels to drain.  Next we fired up the skillet.

In the first attempt we tried the "pour" technique.  Without any constricting sides, the pancake spread into more of an abortion than anything else.  Also, the other major problem was that it was too thick, so the edges browned while the inside next to the bacon stayed batter-esque.  It was still delicious once smothered with maple syrup, but definitely not our best effort.

Next we then "spooned" on the batter, allowing us that extra oomph of control we needed for the perfect "on-the-go" pancacon.

And it was success!  Next time... Chocolate Chip Pancacon!


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