Friday, April 9, 2010

The Great Bacon Chocolate Experiment

I just realized that I'd done this in the middle of my blogging hiatus, and never actually posted the results!!!

I started with some lovely applewood smoked bacon from trader joes. Covered it in a ton of brown sugar and then baked up a whole tray of them. I then skewered them on lollipop sticks to make them easier to eat!

After I'd laid them all out, I drizzled dark chocolate all over the top & let it harden in the fridge overnight.

The final product? A lovely little bacony-chocolatey pop, perfect for on the go munching! Albeit next time, I'll 1. let the bacon cook a little longer. While it was yummy & chewy it made it hard to take a bite out of the pop & instead found myself having to eat the whole thing. 2. I totally forgot to sprinkle sea salt on top of the chocolate before it hardened, but I feel like it would have given it a nice texture.



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