Monday, July 20, 2009

The OC Super Fair

First of all... I am a huge proponent of County Fairs, as they promote the understanding of agriculture and it's effects on our environment and health at large. That and my dad's department is in charge of the LA County Fair.

With that in mind 75% of the things that happen at the OC Super Fair have very little to do with environmental education...

The Food
Pretty much everything that's consumed at County Fairs are things you could easily find on This is why you're fat. Here are some highlights.

Corn on the Cob
Amazing. Simply one word. My favorite thing at the County Fair.

Chocolate Covered Bacon
At $5 I could easily make this at home. So alas we did not try, but for anyone not crafty enough (or adventurous enough) you can buy this delectable delight at the county fair.

The Zucchini Weenie
A zucchini that's been hollowed out, hot dog inserted, dipped in batter and been deep fried. Plus I just love the name!

Deep Fried White Castle Burger
Because you can get almost anything deep fried at a county fair.

Giant Turkey Legs
Always a fan favorite, as big as your head I'm impressed P actually finished hers.

The Animals
Everything from little lapins to gigantic elephants (which aren't really found on farms) you can see at the fair. Interestingly enough, this year there weren't cages built around the cows which was slightly alarming as you walked through the midst of them knowing that easily one wrong move could take you out with a swift cow kick. I guess it's more horses that do that kind of thing, but still...

Alaskan Pig Races
Yes, you read that right. And the best part? It's sponsored by good o'le Ralphs, so after you watch the adorable mini Babes race around the track, you can get coupons for free bacon to complete your experience.

The Exhibits
By "exhibits" they mean shopping! That's right, you can find everything you ever wanted from a late night infomercial (including the Sham Wow Man) at the County Fair. They even do pretty impressive knife demonstrations.

The Rides
I won't even go into these. But picture every "high school fair" especially the one at the end of Grease and all those rides and games and you can find them here. Sing a little "You're the one that I want" while going through a fun house, or ride the huge ferris wheel, but just make sure to part-take BEFORE hitting the food booths.

And finally

The Wine Garden
Perhaps the best part, they sample all of their favorite wines in a fun and enlightening environment. Granted it is a little pricey, after a few glasses you won't care anymore.


  1. seriously could n.o.t. look at food the rest of the day.

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