Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The #1 most useful thing a guy should learn before heading off to college, Pancakes.

Pancakes are perhaps one of the easiest things to mastery & will guaranteed add 10 points to any guys first impression score. Pancakes seem to represent everything a girl wishes and hopes her perfect college boyfriend to posses... He cooks, he cleans, he wakes up, he's sweet, he's thoughtful, he cares about me & of course pancakes mean he won't be a sketchy asshole who will use you and leave you.

Now here's the trick. To the guy, it's the perfect pick up... a girl will be 90% more likely to want to "spend the night" with the promise of warm fluffy goodness (added chocolate chips always help as they are the girl's best friend) and the thought that this guy could be "the one" will make her much more malleable and open to the idea of putting out on the first night.

After you've delivered said pancakes, you've opened the window of possibilities to go two ways. You could be that self-centered jerk who never calls, but at least you've given that freshman girl one amazing story to brag about to her friends back home. Or if you really do like her, and depending on the grease factor of your pancakes, I'm sure she would be more than welcoming a second date.


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